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The Fountain City Pedaler Bicycle Shop is rider owned and operated. We organize weekly group rides the majority of the year on12HOT20141stlapwheelie7 Thursdays at 6pm. Call for info. On a weekly basis you’ll find us on local trails mountain biking if the trail conditions are solid. Call us for details on local mountain bike rides, trails, and trail conditions.  We are active in our local cycling community Including the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club http://ambc-sorba.org/ …trails don’t build themselves. For those who like to ride, we salute you.  We carry quality bicycles, products, accessories and specialize in bike repair. At FCP, we provide a comfortable environment for new riders to help answer questions and to educate. Buying a bike is personal and it needs to fit you and your budget. As a local business, we like to help you before, during, and after the purchase! Don’t buy the wrong bike and get an incorrect impression of what cycling can be like! You have questions? We have answers! (865)357-1580


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