Does your bike need service? Now’s the time!

Just before the days get longer and the weather gets better is the best time to get your bike serviced. Don’t wait until the Friday before your Saturday ride or weekend adventure to get your bike serviced.  Our tune up service options are thorough, informative, and quick. Do you know how many miles you have put on your chain or the previous rider? In a tune up we inspect your components to give you an accurate reading of their condition.  Adjustments to derailleurs, brakes, hubs, spokes, headset, cranks, pedals will be made with a complimentary wipe down done by hand. We also offer cable/housing replacements which can correct slow shifting issues and bring back the snappy feel it came with. For us it’s all about helping you with your bike so you can  return to the trails/roads as soon as possible. Quick mechanical adjustments and flat repairs can typically be made on the spot but please call ahead so we know what to expect.  865-357-1580

Did you know that shift cables can break after a year or so of riding depending on mileage and the amount shifts?
Did you know that your chain needs to be replaced before it starts slipping or breaks?
Did you know that disk brake pads can wear out in just a few wet gritty rides and can damage your rotors(avoid wet/muddy trails to prevent erosion)?
Did you know that not cleaning your rim brake surface often will cause the rim and brake pads to wear faster than intended?
Did you know that pressure washing/hosing your bike can cause creaking noises and potential water inside the frame and components affecting bearing life?
Did you know that a new bike will need a full tune up in the first month or two of use due to cable stretch and wheel stressing?
These are just a few of the things we can inspect, service, and educate you on while servicing your bike or bikes….N+1.

We also take trade in bikes towards new bikes and we do consignment sales on used bikes. This is also a great way to get your child on a new bike to replace the one they’ve outgrown. It’s also a great way to get an upgrade for yourself or significant other. If you have a bike that needs more service than it’s worth we can give you some credit for it towards a new bike. We are not above helping you save money in many ways so just ask.  IMG_0288


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