New Inventory from Marin Bikes!

October 17th, 2014

We love Marin Bikes and we like to choose the models that we feel are great for our local terrain.  Here’s a few that just arrived…

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Road Bike Sale! Our Thirsty Thursday Road Rides are just around the corner!

February 3rd, 2014

We’ve got several 2013 Raleigh Revenio series road bikes left in stock and on sale!  The most cost effective model now including STI shifting is the Revenio 2.0 at $900…it’s on sale for $649.99!!  We have a 52cm, a 54cm, and the most common size of 56cm!  These bikes are meant for longer mileage comfort and overall durability.  No, you don’t need a carbon frame to have a great ride with your friends and it’s all about the motor(legs) when trying to go fast.  We also have one 54cm 2013 Raleigh Revenio 3.0 with a full Shimano 105 group on sale.  Reg. $1300…on closeout for $900!  Shimano 105 has long been respected as a great component group and this bike has the whole group including the front der and brakes.  Some other brands tend to cut corners when claiming a 105 group….pay attention.  Cash payments can save even more and we can help you get fit to the bike at no extra cost.  These are big savings!  Don’t forget that we include one year’s worth of tuneups and service and lifetime adjustments!  This makes buying a used bike a costly decision!  BTW, we give the new bike owner 10% off for 1 month after purchase on any accessory.  Talk about value!  Come by for a test ride and we’ll set you up.   Don’t hesitate, the closeout deals will be gone when it’s warm and sunny!  If it’s a 2014 bike you want, we can figure out your size and order what you need quickly. IMG_3142008

Once the time change occurs our weekly 6pm Thirsty Thursday road rides and post ride Grill and Chill will begin.  This is a true no drop ride where we take you on some great roads out to House Mountain and back to the shop for a social gathering.  Bring a folding chair, something for the grill, and a beverage of choice.   003009


Looking for videos from our local trails?

January 30th, 2014

This video was from a ride in South Knoxville when the ground was frozen.

This video was from  a ride in South Knoxville when there was about 4 inches of snow covering the trails.

This video was from a ride at Norris Watershed when the trails were covered in leaves.

This video was from a ride on Sharps Ridge in North Knoxville when the trails were covered in snow and frozen hard and crunchy.

This video was from a ride with Randy on Sharps Ridge to showcase the new trails that are being built by the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club and the Fountain City Pedaler.

This video was from a couple rides at Haw Ridge Park in Oak Ridge, TN

…more South Knoxville mountain biking.

Downhill Mountain Biking at Windrock near Oliver Springs, TN.

New Years 2014 Mail Run Bike Ride!  The best way to start a new year!



Hand Built Wheels

January 22nd, 2014

Want/Need some custom hand built wheels for your ride?  The best upgrade for a bike is the wheel set.  Did you know that most the component weight on a bike is actually the wheel set and not always the frame?  Rolling ability, strength, pawl engagement, spoke design, and rim stiffness are all factors that make wheels strong and fast.  Hand built wheels have the most even spoke tension verses machine built wheels that come on most bikes from the factory.  Having hand built wheels means the wheel set was laced up with chosen components to fit your needs as a rider and they will stay true much longer.  We can also hand build wheels and reuse your own hubs if they are in good condition.  This would be for when the rim is bent or you want something better/stronger.  Come in to discuss and we can educate you on what components will make up the best wheels for you and your bikes purpose.   Luke is our resident wheel builder here at the Fountain City Pedaler with 15 years of experience.   His work is guaranteed and even spent some time at the American Bicycle Group/Litespeed Bicycles forming carbon fiber and building aero wheel sets.  Life time adjustments are included on our hand built wheel sets.  …700c, 26″, 29″, 27.5″, 20″, 24″, 27″…no problem.  Here are just a few of the Fountain City Pedaler wheel builds from the past.  001005 014

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2013 Raleigh Demo Fleet

November 26th, 2013

005 007 009 011 012 013 015 016 018You may have missed the 2013 Raleigh Demo fleet come through Knoxville….we didn’t get much warning either.  We did get to test some of Raleigh’s top model bikes and several other bikes comparable to other brands in every way.  Raleigh is all about value and performance.  It shows in their component choices and price comparison.   We stand behind their products and can recommend the right bike for you.