Here at the Fountain City Pedaler bike shop, we include tune ups for a year and lifetime minor adjustments for on all new bikes sold here! When one purchases a bike from the internet, department store, or used… they get nothing with it. The real advantage of buying a new bike here is how much we will help you with your bike after the purchase. Preventive maintenance is the key. Bring your bike into the shop and we can diagnose it’s problems during a free inspection. We guarantee the work we do and stand behind the products we sell  We have the experience to get the job done right. Yes, we can show you how to change a flat tire.


Labor Rates:


Bike Inspection for Repair – FREE!!  Just bring it with you!!  We work on all brands of bicycles!!

Tune up #1 – $59.99 Includes:

  • Safety check, adjust brakes, gears, headset, and adjust wheels for roundness, right and left dish, and trueness.
  • Lube all cables and chain
  • Inspection of components for wear
  • Torque bolts as needed
  • Bike wipedown
  • Estimated same day or next day turn around unless waiting for parts.

Tune up #2 – $90. Includes:

  • Everything in Tune up #1
  • Replacement of new brake and derailleur cables and housing (for bikes without hydraulic brakes).
  • Price includes cables and housing.  Only quality stainless cables are used here at FCP!

Overhaul – $150 Includes:

  • Everything in Tune up #1 and 2+….
  • Disassembling the bike to the frame and rebuilding with all new cables and housing
  • Hub rebuild
  • Headset rebuild
  • Bottom bracket rebuild
  • Inspection of all bearings and bearing surfaces

Smaller Repairs will vary depending on the bike’s condition upon arrival.

Other Services

  • Tube installation $8
  • Tire installation   $8
  • Rear wheel swap $18
  • Rear derailleur adjustment $10-$20
  • Front derailleur adjustment $10-20
  • Rear deraileur hanger alignment $15
  • Headset adjustment $10
  • Bottom bracket install $25
  • True wheel $10-$15
  • Rim transfer $35
  • Wheel build $50
  • Chain install $8
  • Cassette install $10
  • Freewheel Install $10+
  • Chainring Install $15
  • Handlebar Install $15+
  • Shifter set Install $25
  • Disc Brake Adjustment $10-15 each
  • Disc brake install $25
  • Install new hydro hose w/fittings and bleed $35 each
  • Fork install $40
  • R. Rack install $15
  • Headset install $30
  • Box Bike to Ship $35
  • Build Bike from Frame $150
  • Pump Tires FREE
  • Car Rack Installation FREE if purchased at FCP


FYI, don’t allow a wanna be bike mechanic bend your front derailer while trying to make it shift.  We see lots of mistakes done by home bike mechanics, friends, and other bike shops when we do repairs.  We can fix your bike.   If you come in with specific questions, bring your bike with you.  It helps in our diagnosis of it’s problems.  Bring it to the Fountain City Pedaler and get it done right!